“If you’re invested in security and certainty,
you are on the wrong planet.” 
– Pema Chödrön


Dukkha & Grace – Eugene Cash

Sep 12, 2021

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Given the large amount of dukkha (difficulty) that most of us encounter during our lives, how do we deal with it with grace? How do we relax with the reality of the present moment? How do we respond skillfully in the face of our own suffering or that of others? Through our practice, we can learn to let go of our reactivity. We can learn to use wisdom to stay in the moment and respond with compassion.


Eugene Cash is the founding teacher of the San Francisco Insight Meditation Community of San Francisco. He teaches at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and leads intensive meditation retreats internationally. His teaching is influenced by both Burmese and Thai streams of the Theravada tradition as well as Zen and Tibetan Buddhist practice. He is also a teacher of the Diamond Approach, a school of spiritual investigation and self-realization developed by A. H. Almaas.