“If you’re invested in security and certainty,
you are on the wrong planet.” 
– Pema Chödrön


Befriending the Present Moment – Eve Decker

Jan 7, 2024

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Sometimes it can be a relief to hear the recognition offered in the First Noble Truth: that suffering exists and everyone experiences it.

In addition to this fact, the Buddha taught that suffering can be ended.
All of his teachings on achieving this freedom from suffering fall under two wings: wisdom and compassion.

In this talk, infused with dharma songs, Eve Decker highlights a few of the numerous ‘feathers’ that make up each of these wings, including:


  • Mindfulness – the capacity to inhabit the present moment rather than identify with our thoughts.


  • Loving Kindness (or befriending)
  • Compassion
  • Appreciative Joy
  • Equanimity


Eve Decker has been practicing Insight Meditation since 1991, and has taught groups, daylongs, and short retreats since 2006, particularly at Spirit Rock, the East Bay Meditation Center, and elsewhere in the Bay Area. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley and of Spirit Rock’s Path of Engagement and Community Dharma Leader training programs, and has been trained in the Hakomi approach to body-based psychotherapy. Eve is also a singer/songwriter who has combined the power of music and dharma practice. Her most recent CDs are “In: Chants of Mindfulness & Compassion,” and “Awakening Joy – The Music.”
Find her at EveDecker.com