The Gay Buddhist Fellowship has no dues or fees, 

offering the dharma and sangha freely to all.




Payable to Gay Buddhist Fellowship & sent to:

2261 Market Street #456-A
San Francisco, CA 94114

The Gay Buddhist Fellowship is a 501(c)3 non-profit, making your donations deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the IRS. 


The Sanskrit word for the practice of cultivating generosity is ‘dana’ (pronounced “DAH-nuh”). It is regarded as one of the most important of the Buddhist virtues for awakening and the first of the ten paramis. 

Dana embodies acts of voluntarily sharing one’s time, energy, and material treasure, but especially wisdom (dharma). The teachings of the Buddha are considered priceless and are therefore given freely. This is what our teachers do whenever they come to address us and share their knowledge and perspective. 

Donating to support these efforts is not payment for goods or services rendered. Rather, it is generosity that flows from the heart, in joyful response to hearing the good news that there can be an end to the suffering in our own experience and the world at large. 

What Does Your Donation Support?

    • Rent for our beautiful meditation hall at the San Francisco Buddhist Center
    • Equipment to record and broadcast our talks online
    • Generosity shared with our weekly speakers
    • Monthly dinners that GBF members lovingly purchase and prepare for runaway and homeless youth at Larkin Street Youth Services 
    • Our quarterly Newsletter, the majority of which are mailed to incarcerated persons
    • Cost of maintaining our mailbox service, website, and podcast of 700+ recorded talks

Donation of Goods – Community Thrift

GBF members can also donate quality used goods and furniture to the Community Thrift Store (CTS) in San Francisco, earmarked for GBF. We then receive a quarterly check based on the volume of items sold. This is a great way to support our Sangha and can amount to thousands of dollars.

Bring your extra clothing and other items to CTS at 623 Valencia St near 17th Street. The donation door is on the side of the building facing Sycamore Alley. Tell the worker you are donating to GBF. Our Charity Code is 40.

Accepted donations are tagged with identifying codes and put out in the store. As items sell, a running total is kept for GBF donations. In order to remain on the list of beneficiaries, we must accumulate a gross sales total of $600 per quarter. 

Please make sure donated items are clean and in good condition. Pickup can be arranged within San Francisco for furniture, but major appliances, medical and exercise equipment, and other specific items are not accepted in any condition. If you have any questions about a donation, see the list on the CTS website or telephone 415.861.4910.