As practicing Buddhists, we cherish the unique potential of each individual, and each individual’s unique mission in the world that only they can accomplish. We believe that each person has the ability to contribute positive value to society in their own unique way.  

GBF welcomes people of all races, backgrounds, and gender and sexual identities: BIPOC, men, women, LGB, Trans People, differing educational and economic backgrounds, and differently abled.  

“Do the best you can until you know better. 

Then when you know better, do better.”

– Maya Angelou

Our Practice

As a Buddhist organization, GBF undertakes the study and practice of living with mindfulness, compassion, and wisdom toward all beings, including those with whom we don’t agree. We do not experience this as being weak or passive. On the contrary, Buddhism is a path of courage, discipline, and deep commitment to truth and right action. Living with mindful awareness requires we first examine our own hearts and minds to become aware of unconscious internal biases and assumptions; in order to avoid the very dynamics of division and objectification which we strive to end. 

Courage, compassion, and a commitment to truth are required to acknowledge our thoughts and feelings, and self-discipline is required to change, regardless of the guilt and shame we may feel in identifying our own prejudices against others, based on race, gender, social class, etc. This is a practice of turning toward greed, hatred, and ignorance, in order to end the unnecessary suffering that they cause to ourselves and others. It is a path based on the disciplined application of moral principles of non-harm, development of community, and liberation for all beings – not just those who are privileged.


A Unique Sangha

GBF is a non-denominational sangha based in San Francisco, California that attracts teachers from all schools of Buddhism to offer their perspectives on the intersection of the dharma and queer life in modern times.

GBF Board of Directors

Jeff Lindemood – President

Jerry Jones – Vice President

Grecia Haigwood – Secretary

Cass Brayton – Treasurer

Michael Altschuler

Richard Azzolini