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Calendar: September-November 2017

Sunday Sittings

10:30 am to 12 noon
Every Sunday at 10:30am we meditate together for 30 minutes, followed by a talk or discussion till 12 noon. Everyone is then welcome to stay and socialize over refreshments till approximately 12:30, after which those who are interested usually go somewhere local for lunch. We ask for a $10 or more donation to pay for our monthly bills.

Our sittings are held at the San Francisco Buddhist Center,37 Bartlett Street, San Francisco.(Look for the red door near 21st St between Mission and Valencia Streets).

MUNI: 14 Mission or 49 Van Ness-Mission, alight at 21st St, walk ½ block.

BART:24th and Mission,walk 3½ blocks.

PARKING:on street or in adjacent New Mission Bartlett Garage.

September 3-Steven Tierney
Steven Tierney, EdD, LPCC is Professor of Community Mental Health and Chair of the Masters in Counseling Psychology Core Curriculum at CIIS.
He is a licensed psychotherapist in California (LPCC) and is a nationally certified counselor (NCC).
Steven is an ordained Buddhist priest and is the co-founder and chief education officer of the San Francisco Mindfulness Foundation. The SF Mindfulness Foundation provides mindfulness-based relapse prevention and addiction services provider training.
Dr. Tierney lectures and leads workshops and retreat nationally and has taught at a number of universities including current assignments at the University of San Francisco, JFK University and the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Steven’s areas of interest include Buddhist psychology and mindfulness-based therapies for addiction, recovery and resiliency services.

Steven will be our teacher for the 26th Annual GBF Retreat at Vajrapani on October 27th-October 29th.

September 10-Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin is an internationally respected Buddhist teacher and author known for his
innovative work connecting dharma and recovery, especially through his 2004 book One Breath
at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps. He has been a Buddhist practitioner for over thirty-
five years and a teacher for two decades. With teachings firmly based in the Theravada
Buddhist tradition, he reaches a broad range of audiences in dharma centers, wellness centers,
and secular mindfulness settings.

September 17-Eugene Cash
Eugene Cash is the founding teacher of the San Francisco Insight Meditation Community of San
Francisco. He teaches at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and leads intensive meditation retreats
internationally. His teaching is influenced by both Burmese and Thai streams of the Theravada
tradition as well as Zen and Tibetan Buddhist practice. He is also a teacher of the Diamond
Approach, a school of spiritual investigation and self-realization developed by A. H. Almaas.

September 24-Walt Opie
Walt Opie was introduced to insight meditation in 1993 at Spirit Rock and attended his first
residential retreat there in 2005. He is a graduate of both the Spirit Rock Community Dharma
Leaders’ (CDL4) program and the Sati Center Buddhist Chaplaincy program. Walt is a
participant in the current Insight Meditation Society (IMS) Teacher Training program. He leads a
monthly sitting group for people in recovery in Berkeley and serves as a volunteer Buddhist
facilitator at Solano State Prison in Vacaville. In addition, he is Executive Director of the
Buddhist Pathways Prison Project (BP3).

October 1-Open Discussion

October 8-Dhammachari Danadasa
The taste of freedom and the wisdom of the body
The Buddha’s teaching on anattā and emptiness are often mystifying to many Westerners, and
the Buddha described these teachings as “deep, hard to see, hard to realize, beyond the scope
of reason, subtle”. During this 4 week series, we will explore ways of approaching these
teachings and ways of seeing these mysterious truths in our daily lives.

Dhammachari Danadasa has been practicing with the San Francisco Buddhist Center (SFBC)
community since 1993 and was ordained in 2011. His current area of exploration is the
cultivation of metta (universal loving kindness) as a response to all the hatred, discrimination
and bigotry in the world out there. Through personal anecdotes and experiential exercises
Danadasa will explore our relationship to ourselves and others, with a particular emphasis on
our deeply ingrained tendency see others as different from us.

October 15
Dhammachari Danadasa
Using the mind to free the mind

October 22
Dhammachari Danadasa
The path of self-surrender and the path of self-discovery

October 29
Dhammachari Danadasa
A universe imbued with compassion

November 5-Larry Robinson
Larry Robinson has been a practicing Buddhist for 47 years, mostly in the Zen and Vipassana
traditions. He is a member of the Occidental Laguna Sangha in Sebastopol, studying with Bruce
Fortin in the lineage of Suzuki Roshi. A long-time environmental and social justice activist, he is
a retired ecopsychologist and former mayor of Sebastopol. He serves on the board of directors
of the Center for Climate Protection and the board of trustees of Meridian University. HIs “large
and foolish project” (in the words of Rumi) is to restore the soul of the world through
reawakening the oral tradition of poetry. He is also the founder and producer of Rumi’s Caravan.

November 12-David Lewis
David Lewis has been following the dharma path for over 40 years and has a degree in
comparative religious studies. He started out in the Tibetan Shambhala tradition and has been
practicing vipassana meditation since moving to San Francisco 30 years ago. For the past 10
years he has been teaching and practicing intensively. David is a member of the Mission
Dharma sangha, where he teaches an introduction to insight meditation class. He is a long time
member of the Gay Buddhist Fellowship and also leads a weekly sitting group for seniors every
Friday morning. David is currently enrolled in the Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Advanced
Practitioners Program and has been on the teaching team for Spirit Rock retreats.

November 19-David Richo
Dave Richo, Ph.D, MFT, is a psychologist, teacher, and writer in Santa Barbara and San
Francisco who emphasizes Jungian, transpersonal, and spiritual perspectives in his work. He is
the author of How to Be an Adult in Relationships. For more information, visit

November 26-Open Discussion

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