Calendar: September, October, & November 2019

Sunday Sittings

10:30 am to 12 noon
Every Sunday at 10:30am we meditate together for 30 minutes, followed by a talk or discussion till 12 noon. Everyone is then welcome to stay and socialize over refreshments till approximately 12:30, after which those who are interested usually go somewhere local for lunch.

Our sittings are held at the San Francisco Buddhist Center, 37 Bartlett Street, San Francisco–between 21st St and 22nd St. (Look for the red door near 21st Street. Bartlett Street is between Mission and Valencia Streets).


MUNI: 14 Mission or 49 Van Ness-Mission, alight at 22th St, walk ½ blocks.

BART: 24th and Mission, walk 3½ blocks.

PARKING: on street or in adjacent New Mission Bartlett Garage.

September 29 – Trip Weil – has been practicing in the Theravadan tradition since 2004. He is a graduate of Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leader and Dedicated Practitioner programs. Trip serves on the board of San Francisco Insight, where he also leads sitting groups and teaches meditation classes. He is a psychotherapist in private practice in San Francisco and a former attorney.

October 6 – Rev. Liên Shutt is a Dharma Heir of Zenkei Blanche Hartman in the tradition of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. Born into a Buddhist family in Vietnam, she began her meditation practice in the Insight tradition of Spirit Rock. She is a founding member of the Buddhists of Color in 1998. Her Soto Zen training began at Tassajara monastery where she lived from 2002-2005; after which, she practiced monastically in Japan and Vietnam. While she has placed her trust and faith in Soto Zen, she continues to enjoy the deep silence of Insight practices and has completed retreats in the United States and Thailand. Drawing from her monastic experiences, she endeavors to share ways in which the deep settledness of traditional practices can be brought into everyday life. Liên’s strength as a teacher is in making Zen practice accessible to all.

October 13 – Open Discussion

October 20 –Lou Reda & Joseph RodriguezPower of Spiritual Friendships
Joe is a Soto Zen student from the Shunryu Suzuki lineage, studying under Furyu Nancy Schroeder (Abiding Abbess, Green Gulch Farm Zen Center) and serving as a board member of the San Francisco Zen Center. As a business executive and a long-time LGBT activist, his practice is to bring awareness, compassion, and forgiveness to daily life.

October 27 – David Lewis
David Lewis has been following the dharma path for 45 years and has a degree in comparative religious studies. He teaches Insight Meditation and enjoys sharing the dharma at several sanghas around the Bay Area. He is a proud long time member of GBF.

November 3 – Alistair Shanks has been a dedicated practitioner and teacher of the Taoist Internal Martial Arts for over 20 years. Since 2008, he has been an adjunct faculty member at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine/CIIS where he teaches Tai Chi. Alistair was a volunteer with Zen Hospice Project from 2004 to 2014 and was hired to serve as the Volunteer Program Manager in 2016.
His other volunteer work includes working as a Buddhist chaplain at San Francisco General Hospital and leading meditation sessions for inmates in the San Francisco County Jail. Alistair has a degree in Philosophy and Religion from SF State and a Masters Degree in Buddhist Chaplaincy from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. In his spare time he plays with San Francisco’s legendary hardcore polka band Polkacide.

November 10 – Sister Merry Peter & Sister Merry Media SPI

Sister Merry Peter, SPI is a poet, writer, and former sex-worker who found her vocation through the Radical Faeries in 1987. Her life-long activism focuses on HIV-AIDS, queer youth, civil rights and social justice. Her efforts include partnerships to provide street-level health services to sex workers, legal aid for LGBTQ refugees and resistance to police violence.

Sister Mary Media, SPI, a long-time member of GBF, is one of the original Sisters from the Order’s founding in 1979 and currently serves as Mistress of Grants. She speaks frequently about the group’s history and her vocation as a secular nun.

Fuck Coping! Reclaiming Liberation in a time of McMindfulness
Mindfulness is everywhere these days! But this stripped-down, secularized self-help technique – rightly derided as “McMindfulness” – decoupled from its ethical and Buddhist roots, promotes stress reduction without challenging the stress! It locates the cause of suffering within us, not in political and economic structures, and encourages private practices and a state of “acceptance” that isolates us and reinforces the status quo. Comfort, not liberation, is the aim of the McMindfulness industry.

November 17 – Bill Weber, is a senior Vipassana practitioner and a graduate from Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leaders program. He has twenty five years of extensive retreat practice and currently practices at home with his husband or sits with a small group of gay men. He is also a documentary filmmaker and video editor, whose latest projects are To Be Takei and The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin.

November 24 – Prasadacitta Dharmachari, a senior member of The San Francisco Buddhist Center, will lead the sangha in Buddhist Chanting.