Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015

Calendar: Sept-Nov 2015

Sunday Sittings

10:30 am to 12 noon
Every Sunday at 10:30am we meditate together for 30 minutes, followed by a talk or discussion till 12 noon. Everyone is then welcome to stay and socialize over refreshments till approximately 12:30, after which those who are interested usually go somewhere local for lunch. We ask for a $10 or more donation to pay for our monthly bills.

Our sittings are held at the San Francisco Buddhist Center,37 Bartlett Street, San Francisco.(Look for the red door near 21st St between Mission and Valencia Streets).

MUNI: 14 Mission or 49 Van Ness-Mission, alight at 21st St, walk ½ block.

BART:24th and Mission,walk 3½ blocks.

PARKING:on street or in adjacent New Mission Bartlett Garage.



SEPT 6 – Open Discussion

SEPT 13 – Heather Sundberg

Heather Sundberg began teaching meditation in 1999. Beginning her own meditation practice in her late teens, for more than twenty years, Heather has studied with senior teachers in the Insight Meditation and Tibetan traditions, and has sat one-three months of retreat a year for the last fifteen-plus years. She has completed the four-year Spirit Rock/ Insight Meditation Society Teacher Training. She is a teacher for Mountain Stream Meditation Center in the Sierra Foothills, and also teaches classes, daylongs and retreats nationally, especially at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. For more information, visit

SEPT 20 – Open Discussion

SEPT 27 – David Richo

Dave Richo, Ph.D, MFT, is a psychologist, teacher, and writer in Santa Barbara and San Francisco who emphasizes Jungian, transpersonal, and spiritual perspectives in his work. He is the author of How to Be an Adult in Relationships. For more information, visit

OCT 4 – David Lewis

David Lewis has been following the dharma path for forty years and has a degree in comparative religious studies. He attended his first retreat in the Shambhala tradition at the age of seventeen and has been practicing Insight Meditation since moving to San Francisco over twenty-five years ago. David teaches an Insight Meditation course at the Mission Dharma Sangha, has led the Gay Buddhist Fellowship’s fall residential retreat for several year, and facilitates a weekly meditation group for seniors. He is a graduate of Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Dedicated Practitioners Program.

OCT 11 – Daigan Gaither

Daigan Gaither began Buddhist practice in 1995 in the Vipassana tradition and then began to study Zen in 2003 with Ryushin Paul Haller Roshi. He received Lay Ordination in 2006, when he was given the name Daigan, or “Great Vow.” He received Priest Ordination in July 2011. His work, practice, and free time include many hours devoted to community service in a variety of ways, including his work as one of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and as a volunteer at Zen Hospice Project. He has spoken nationwide on a variety of issues and has sat on a number of boards and committees that serve community and social justice.

OCT 18 – Laura Burges

Ryuko Laura Burges, a lay entrusted Buddhist teacher in the Soto Zen tradition, lectures and leads retreats at different practice centers in Northern California. A teacher of children for 30 years, she trains other teachers to bring mindfulness practice into the elementary classroom. Laura co-founded the Sangha in Recovery program at Zen Center, and has a particular interest in the intersection of Buddhism and Recovery. She is the abiding teacher at the Lenox House meditation group in Oakland.

OCT 25 – Stuart Slovatsky

Stuart Slovatsky is degreed from CIIS and Princeton. He has lived the “inner marriage” kundalini bhakti tantra for forty years, and chanted Sanskrit benedictions privately for Yanez Drnovsec (chair of Unaligned Nations of the World) and for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in India. He is author of Advanced Spiritual Intimacy, which has been endorsed by Robert Thurman and Ken Wilber. In 1977, he received the only federal grant to bring meditation into a juvenile facility.

NOV 1 – Baruch Golden

Baruch Golden is a longtime GBF Member who has been practicing Vipassana meditation since 1998. He completed Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leaders program in 2012 and the Buddhist Chaplaincy Training Program with the Sati Center in Redwood City in 2013. He teaches dharma to many sitting groups in the Bay Area. Baruch is a registered nurse and has been doing hospice work for the past 14 years.

NOV 8 – Eve Decker

Eve Decker began practicing Vipassana meditation in 1991. She has been teaching dharma since 2006. She has released two CDs of original, dharma based music. She leads groups on “Metta-for-Self” and a monthly “Sit-and-Sing-Sangha” in her hometown of Berkeley. She is a graduate of the Path of Engagement and Community Dharma Leader training programs at Spirit Rock Center in California. For more on Eve see her website at

NOV 15 – Frank Ostaseski

Frank Ostaseski is a Buddhist teacher, international lecturer, and a leading voice in contemplative end-of-life care. In 1987, he co-founded the Zen Hospice Project, the first Buddhist hospice in America. In 2004, he created the Metta Institute to provide innovative educational programs and professional trainings that foster compassionate, mindfulness-based care. His groundbreaking work has been widely featured in the media, and in numerous print publications.

NOV 22 – Pamela Weiss

Pamela Weiss has practiced in the Zen and Theravada traditions of Buddhism for over 25 years, including several years of Zen monastic training. She completed teacher training with Jack Kornfield through Spirit Rock, leads a Wednesday evening sitting group at SF Insight, and teaches classes, workshops and retreats internationally. Pamela is also an executive coach and the Founder of Appropriate Response, a company dedicated to bringing the principles and practices of Buddhism into the workplace.

NOV 29 – Open Discussion

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